What do PSD-to-HTML/CSS conversion services mean?

PSD to HTML conversion services imply conversion of files in various formats such as psd, png, jpg etc into HTML/CSS format. The conversion so done is compatible across browsers & is compliant with W3C standards.

What is the turnaround time of this service?

We are cognizant of the importance of time & ensure speedy delivery of projects. Typically the first page is coded between 8-24 working hours. The exact turnaround time will depend on individual projects.

Is the service SEO friendly?

Yes. The coding is done with SEO dynamics in mind & hence the final product lends itself to being SEO friendly.

Are hand-coded HTML/CSS markups better?

Hand-coded HTML markups have a distinct advantage over those developed through a software. The coding done is is compliant with W3C norms & is compatible across browsers.

What is the advantage of SEO Semantic coding?

Semantic coding renders the site friendly with search engines. Such sites are easily locatable by search engines & feature high on search pages.

Is it possible to see your work portfolio?

Our portfolio is displayed on our website. Should you need any other details, please feel free to contact us.

Does your offering go beyond markups?

Yes, we are engaged in a whole lot of areas related to web design & development. Do let us know your requirements & we will be happy to get back to you with bespoke solutions.

What are your work schedules?

We accept orders 24X7. In case of any emergencies we also work through weekends.


What are the payment methodologies?

We accept a number of credit cards via a secure gateway on our site. You can also pay using your Paypal account.

What is the information required by you while placing an order?

There is an order form on our site, which contains the necessary details. The form requires you to list your specifications.

What will be the mode of communication? What if there is a delay in deliveries.

We correspond with clients on a regular basis vide phone, email or chat. We are sticklers for deadlines & ensure the project is delivered in pre agreed time frames. Delays are very rare & if at all, happen due to inadvertent circumstances.

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